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This is free online classes for all
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The very objective of this initiative is just to share knowledge and make the toughest concepts easier and crisp so that the learners can easily comprehend and move ahead with the joy of understanding.

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Learn Electrical Engineering Concetps
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Understanding and analyzing electrical circuits using Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, and various circuit theorems.

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Electric Machines and Drives
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Analyzing the operation and control of electric machines, such as motors and generators, and their applications in various industries.

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Vision-08-01-2024 (2) envisions leading educational innovation globally, creating a dynamic platform for accessible, high-quality personalized learning. The vision includes cultivating a diverse community of lifelong learners, leveraging advanced technology to adapt continuously, and fostering a transformative environment that unlocks the full potential of every student.

Mission-08-01-2024 is on a mission to revolutionize education by providing an avant-garde platform for scholars to excel academically. We are dedicated to democratizing knowledge, dismantling barriers to education, and fostering perpetual learning through innovative resources. Our goal is to create a transformative learning environment where individuals not only understand complex concepts but also apply them effectively. Guided by unwavering standards of excellence, we aim to be the catalyst for academic triumph, promoting intellectual growth and accomplishment within a collaborative community.